Original Songs



This is my original composition called We Are Small.  I wrote it right after a family road trip across the United States.

This original song was inspired by my daughter Jessie. In kindergarten she would often ask adults "What's it like to be you?"  The song focuses on social injustice, inequality and our responsibility to do something about it.

This is my original composition called Warmth.  Best viewed in 1080p HD (full screen), it was shot using a drone and a traditional HD video camera.  The video was directed, filmed and edited by F. Zafar - thanks to him for all of the great work on this!

This is my original composition called Don't Care.  I wrote this In the aftermath of the US presidential election.  Can you relate?


Audio Tracks

Here are some audio files of my original songs.  I haven't made videos of Meant To Be, Paralyzed, or I'm Alive yet, so this is the only way to hear them!