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Original Songs



I plan to create videos for all of my original songs.  So far, here is what I have produced - more to come!

Here is a song I wrote after moving to San Diego.

This song is about discrimination based on stereotypes and misinformation. The main point is that if you get to know "Them," then those people become part of your experience, in which case they become part of "Us."

This song was inspired by my daughter Jessie. In kindergarten, she would often ask adults "What's it like to be you?"  The song focuses on social injustice, inequality, and our responsibility to do something about it.

This is my first real music video, which was directed, filmed, and edited by F. Zafar - thanks to him for all of the great work on this!

I wrote this one right after a family road trip across the United States.  I recut this song for my album, but left this version with the video where I play all the instruments - one of my first attempts at drums and bass!

This is my original composition called Don't Care.  I wrote this In the aftermath of the US presidential election in 2016.  Can you relate?

Audio Tracks

Audio Tracks

Here are my originals, now released as an album called Leaving the Nest.  You can find it on Spotify, Apple, YouTube Music, Amazon, or any streaming music service!

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